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Unleash the Power of Protein:

Accel Gel® is the first energy gel specifically designed to deliver rapid energy to working muscles. Accel Gel is the only energy gel that contains the patented 4:1 carb-protein ratio and a combination of three carbohydrates to maximize energy transport and uptake into muscle cells. Accel Gel guarantees instant energy when you need it. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed, compared to GU, Accel Gel:


  • Increases endurance by 13%
    • Decreases post exercise muscle damage by 50%

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Redefining the Energy EquationMore Protein+ Less Carbohydrate = More Endurance+ Less Muscle Damage

Energy gels serve a practical purpose for endurance and cardio athletes. They should deliver rapidly absorbed energy that is quickly transported to working muscles. There are also practical considerations involving taste and consistency. Carbohydrate, usually in the form of easily-digestable sugars, is the only functional ingredient in almost all energy gels except Accel Gel. Building upon a broad base of proven science, Accel Gel was formulated using a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein as well as three high-glycemic sugars for faster energy transport to muscle cells. The addition of protein provides multiple benefits in terms of improved endurance and a reduction in post-exercise muscle damage. The net result, as shown in the table below, is a superior energy gel.



Accel Gel Research Highlights

Compared to Gu ® Accel Gel increased endurance by 13% and reduced post exercise muscle damage by 50%

  • Decreased ratings of perceived exertion by 19% in collegiate ski racers
  • Increased sprint performance and decreased 24-hour post-exercise muscle damage in swimmers
  • Compared to a carb only sports drink, Accel Gel decreased markers of muscle damage 24 hours later in individuals during indoor rock climbing

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