Gold Standard for Muscle Recovery:

Endurox® R4®, with its patented 4:1 carb- protein ratio revolutionized the science of muscle recovery. Developed by six leading exercise scientists and supported by 18 peer-reviewed studies, Endurox R4 has become the recovery drink of choice for serious athletes in all sports. Compared to conventional recovery drinks, Endurox R4:


  • Increases glycogen replenishment by 128%
    • Decreases muscle damage by 36%
    • Increases protein synthesis by 400% (and 38% greater than a protein drink)
    • Increases endurance by 55% in subsequent workout

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The Recovery Drink that Advanced Sports Science

It is quite unusual in commercial development when a new product is deemed a major breakthrough and at the same time, advances our understanding of science. Endurox R4 created the recovery category and multiple studies conducted using Endurox R4 gave scientists enormous insight on the mechanisms underlying muscle recovery.


Every ingredient in Endurox R4 was specifically added to maximize recovery. It was the first product to show that a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein could accelerate recovery and raise the training level. Studies have reported a 55% increase in endurance in a subsequent workout 16 hours later and a 14% increase in muscle function 24 hours later.


Compared to a carbohydrate-only recovery beverage, Endurox R4 increases post-exercise protein synthesis or muscle repair, by 400%. What many athletes find surprising is that Endurox R4 actually increases protein synthesis 37% greater than a protein drink. The carb-protein combination activates multiple pathways for turning on protein synthesis, whereas a protein drink primarily activates a single pathway.


The combination of rapid-acting carbohydrates contained in Endurox R4 ensures fast absorption and transport to muscle cell within the 45-minute recovery window. The addition of glutamine to Endurox R4 helps replenish the muscle cell’s number one amino acid and the unique combination of antioxidants neutralizes free radical formation that occur as a natural consequence of exercise and are a major cause of muscle soreness.



Endurox R4 Research Highlights

  • Increased endurance by 55% in an exercise bout two hours later
  • Increased muscle glycogen storage by 128% compared to a carb-only drink
  • Increased endurance by 66% compared to a carb-only drink
  • Decreased post-exercise muscle damage by 36%
  • Increased muscle glycogen replenishment by 38% compared to a carb-only drink
  • Increased endurance by 20% in a subsequent exercise bout two hours later
  • Increased muscle glycogen replenishment compared to carb-only drink
  • Increased protein synthesis in the exercising limb by 600% and increased whole body protein synthesis by 15%




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